Business Engagement & Compliance Office – 2014 Business Development Program Summary

Apr 29, 2014

2014 Business Development Program Summary


Purpose:  Develop and implement a multi-tiered Business Development framework to provide DBE’s with general and firm-specific training and technical assistance to help them to become more competitive within the heavy highway construction industry.

Company selection:  The program will be announced via newsletter, e-blasts, events, website and personal contact.  Interested DBE’s will be asked to apply to participate in the program (at no charge).   A selection panel consisting of ADOT personnel, ADOT Consultants, community partners and industry representatives will review applications and select Class One participants.

Categorization:  Applicants will be sorted into four broad groupings:  New & Emerging (Orientation Program), Developmental DBEs (Pacesetters Program), Transitional DBEs (Masters Program), and Other DBE’s.

Objectives and Timing:


DBE Categories:




Number of firms:  20

Approximate Program Dates:  May – October, 2014

-100% of firms receive orientation mat’ls

-50% participate in confs/classes

->5% receive at least 1 new contract in 12 mos



Number of firms:  30

Approximate Program Dates:  July – December, 2014

->60% complete entire program

->10% of completing firms receive at least 1 new contract in 12 mos.

-50% of completing firms realize a 5%+ sales growth



Number of firms:  10

Approximate Program Dates:  September 2014 – March, 2015

->60% complete entire program

->20% of completing firms receive at least 1 new contract in 12 mos.

-At least 3 participants develop Mentor-Protégé relationships within 12 months


Program Development Status and Timeline:

  • Program conceptualized summer-2013
  • “Mini Summit” held end of summer-2013 with DBE’s, Primes, ADOT staff, Community Partners to discuss program goals and general content needs
  • Program overview completed and submitted to FHWA for approval as part of funding request
  • The Idea Gardener LLC contracted to work with ADOT to further develop, design, implement and manage program
  • Today


Topic overview:  The following topics are among those that have been identified.  We need your input on topics as well:

  • General business
  • Branding and developing your unique positioning and story
  • Time management
  • HR related (people management, recruiting, accounting and compensation structures)
  • Business planning
  • Building relationships and partnering skills
  • Business writing
  • Employee benefits and tax laws
  • Project Management
  • Accounting topics (tbd)
  • ADOT or Technical specific
  • ECS, C&S and Procurement Office contract procedures and forms
  • Paperwork submissions to Primes
  • ADOT and other agency Bidding websites and contacts
  • Prequalification, AZUTRACS Registration, etc.
  • Safety program compliance and paperwork (incl: OSHA)
  • Compliance training
  • How do Primes select DBE’s
  • Apply for the right work
  • Understanding ADOT projects before bidding


Other inclusions:  Other programs contemplated for this program include but are not limited to:

  1. On-site meetings with ADOT staff
  2. On-site meetings with Prime Contracting and Consulting teams
  3. One-on-one technical assistance specific to DBE needs
  4. Development of peer advisory groups
  5. SME presentations on key topics
  6. One-on-one bonding meetings


For additional information, or a Business Development Program Application, please contact Tom Fulcher, The Idea Gardener LLC, Marketing and Business Development at 480-634-4125, or via email at


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